Oi for England

Written by: Trevor Griffiths

Date premiered: 1982

Original language: English

Genre: Drama


"Oi for England" centers on a band of four working-class skinheads rehearsing in a Moss Side basement in Manchester. While race riots unfold outside, the group is confronted with a daunting offer to play at a fascist rally. This opportunity forces the band members to grapple with their own convictions and test their loyalties to the limit[1][3].


The play, written by Trevor Griffiths, highlights the societal and political tensions prevalent in England during the 1980s, particularly against the backdrop of the Moss Side, Manchester "race riots" of 1981[3]. The narrative unfolds in the midst of this social turbulence, offering a gripping look at youth, music, identity, and political allegiance during this tumultuous period.

Film Adaptation:

The play was adapted into a television film in 1982, directed by Tony Smith. The main cast featured:

Publication Details:


The book has been positively reviewed by readers, garnering a rating of 5.0 out of 5 stars on Amazon[2].


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